about festival

The Moscow International Festival Typomania is probably the most fun Russian design event. People come to Typomania to look at posters, browse through books, listen to foreign celebrities, take part in competitions, meet colleagues and new friends. Typomania's focus is on font, typography, communication, and experimentation.
Typomania 2020 will be held in Moscow from May 30 to June 7 at the Museum of Moscow. The theme of the festival is „Collaboration“. All about teamwork and collective projects. As always, a large exhibition program, two weekend lectures, master classes and a design fair are planned.
The festival theme will also affect the structure of Typomania itself — several curators have been involved in the preparation of the exhibition and lecture programs, each of whom has taken over one of the blocks of the festival:
Type — curator Maria Doreuli
Books — supervised by the Placeholder Library (Julia Kondratyeva, Evgeniya Nechaeva, Alexandra Bereznikova)
Calligraphy — curator Olga Kovalenko
Video + video contest — curator Vasily Shikhachevsky
Poster block is a joint effort.
Along with the main Moscow program, exhibitions, lectures and workshops are planned in Arkhangelsk, Ulan-Ude, Tomsk and Tallinn. If you want to hold Typomania in your city or just show one of the festival exhibitions, write to us.