Keitaro Sakamoto

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Keitaro Sakamoto

Keitaro Sakamoto gave a talk on Morisawa Type Design Competition that has been giving birth to new typeface designs for decades since the first competition held in 1984. Through entries with bold ideas and new attempts in anticipation with unprecedented expressive capacity, the last competition in 2016 received more than 700 entries from 49 countries and regions, including both Kanji and Latin categories.

Keitaro Sakamoto joined Morisawa Inc. in 2008. Worked in promoting Font products and took charge of startup projects such as UD Typeface and TypeSquare (Web font). Invited new designs from domestic and overseas for the Morisawa Type Design Competition which was resumed in 2012 after 10 years.

Studied abroad in Rhode Island School of Design, majored in Graphic Design and Digital+Media, as the Research Fellow in 2010. With the experience acquired from RISD, took charge as the project manager of the corporate sites. Participated in design events such as ATypI as the speaker to improve international recognition of Morisawa. Appointed as the guest judge at the Good Design Award 2013.