Exhibition program in Moscow

Entry—Exit 2019

The interactive light-dynamic installation «Entry—Exit» was designed especially for the festival «Typomania 2019» by the experimental laboratory of motion graphics «Breath-Exhalation» («Communicative design» department of Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry). The installation is a living labyrinth, emerging as a luminous artifact with a clear structure and form, or as a fuzzy mirage in a dark area of ​​the circular entrance-ramp space leading to the Typomania exhibition hall. 

Project authors:
Concept, art direction: Danya Orlovsky, Lyubov Pokrovskaya
Technical support: Philippe Zelov
Interactive: Oleg Vishnevsky
Video content: Ksenia Grigorieva, Anna Kapaeva, Lyubov Sokolova, Christina Tagiltseva, Danya Orlovsky