Program 2019

25—26 May Moscow Museum (Zubovsky boulevard, 2)

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Каллиграф, преподаватель каллиграфии. Родилась в 1986 году в Сургуте. В 2009 году окончила Санкт-Петербургскую художественно-промышленную академию имени А. Л. Штиглица (отделение Живописи и реставрации). С 2011 года обучается искусству каллиграфии у мастера Хейно Кивихаля в Таллинне.
С 2011 года работает в команде Labora —<... подробнее

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The Hamburg based designstudio Liebermann Kiepe sets its focus on digital technologies. The studio was founded in 2014 by David Liebermann (*1987) and Maximilian Kiepe (*1990). David Liebermann is Master graduate form the Graphics Class at the HFBK Hamburg, Maximilian Kiepe studies at the Digital Media Masters Program at the HFK Bremen. Shaped by the artistic education, education, Liebermann Ki... подробнее

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Anton Lamberg (1988) is a graphic designer, technologist, strategist and creative leader at LAVA Amsterdam. Together with a great team of creatives and experts, he develops brands for large organizations, AI chatbots for museum visitors, interactive installations and smart city initiatives.
In addition to his commercial work, he has a great interest in art and science. R... подробнее

Li Xu, the founder and art director of Beijing Art A&B Design, an Assistant Professor of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China. He is a project consultant of Virtual Biennale Prague 2015-Prague International Art & Design Exhibition. Li Xu has lectured and taught workshop around the world. Li Xu is one of the founders and curator of The 1st International Poster Festival of Sh... подробнее

1—2 June Moscow Museum (Zubovsky boulevard, 2)

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1947 born in Willisau/Switzerland. 
Studied graphic design at Art School of Lucerne. 
1972 Art Director in Paris. 
Own graphic design studio since 1973 in Willisau. 
From 1966 to 2013 organizer of Jazz concerts in his home town Willisau, from 1975 to 2009 an annual Jazz Festival. 
Cultural Award of Inner Switzerland 1982.
Honora... подробнее

Julien Priez was born in Montreuil, France, in 1986, and studied Graphic Design and Type Design between 2004 and 2010 at Eugénie Cotton Montreuil and Estienne Paris. After working for three years as a freelance typographer and calligrapher for several agencies, Pierre Di Sciullo, Atelier Chévara (Marge Design today), and Atelier Muësli, he left to work as an employee in type foundry for two yea... подробнее

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Annik Troxler is a Swiss graphic designer born 1979 in Willisau.
She studied graphic design at the ECAL in Lausanne; now she works in the cultural field and teaches at the Basel School of Design.
With a strong focus on content, narrative and visual quality, Annik Troxler creates posters and visual identities that use typography and images in unusual ways. Her design methods combin... подробнее

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Tereza Ruller (1987) is Amsterdam based independent designer, educator and a co-founder of studio The Rodina. She tests intermedia art strategies in the field of graphic design and investigates theoretical framework around Body presence, Labour, Surface, and Action.
The Rodina (Tereza and Vit Ruller) is a critical design studio with an experimental practice dr... подробнее

ABC Design

Ikki Kobayashi was born in Shiga, Japan in 1992.I started career in SHISEIDO as a graphic designer in 2015.
Tokyo TDC prize (2016), Japan Package design Award Silver (2019).