Tatiana Yakovleva

Estonia, With a support of Shuka.design
Tatiana Yakovleva

Calligrapher, calligraphy teacher. Born in 1986 in Surgut. In 2009 she graduated from the St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy named after A. L. Stieglitz (Department of Painting and Restoration). Since 2011, she has been learning the art of calligraphy from master Heino Kivihal in Tallinn.
Since the same year she has been working in the Labora team www.labora.ee
Tatiana has been a head and teacher at Tallinn Calligraphy School, Labora center, since 2014.
She is also the organizer of the annual exhibition of calligraphy "Ars-Litter" in Tallinn, which is held in collaboration with the exhibition of calligraphy "Image and Letter" in St. Petersburg. 

Teacher in the project «Таллиннская Лаборатория».