Exhibition program in Moscow

Placeholder library

Placeholder library is an independent project by designers Yulia Kondratieva, Evgenia Nechaeva and Alexandra Bereznikova. The library collection contains books, magazines, printing rarities. Like the year before the Library participates at Typomania festival. Situated at the Placeholder space the bookcase is filled with publications on book theory, book printing history, catalogs of book contests and exhibitions of the most beautiful books of different countries. Visitors of the Library could find out what theoretical knowledge a contemporary book designer needs as well as what is the state of affairs of russian book design in the international context. 
Besides, the Placeholder space will hold the exhibitions «The Most Beautiful Swiss Books» (supported by Pro Helvetia) and «The Most Beautiful Danish Books» (supported by Rikke Hansen).

Which books are the most beautiful? What do Swiss and Dutch people value the most about the book design? The answers to these questions could be found in the Placeholder Library space at Typomania festival. 

For volunteers 
Typomania and Placeholder library invite volunteers which could monitor the books exhibited on the festival on May 25-26 and June 2-3. We are looking forward to seeing people who love books and who could work responsibly as caretakers for 2 hours. Volunteers-caretakers will have a free entrance to the festival in their working days, receive corporate notebooks of the Placeholder Library and will get to know all the secrets about the books exhibited. Yulya Kondratyeva is waiting for your messages!