Sergey Shanovich

Sergey Shanovich

Sergey Shanovich 

Born in 1998 in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukrainian SSR) - designer, director and producer. 

In 1998 graduated from the facuty of Faculty of Arts and technical design of printed materials of Moscow State University of Printing Arts. He is a specialist in graphic arts. 

Sergey began his career as an art designer of books. He’s an author of original fonts, Cyrillic and Latin typefaces. 
He has been a founder and art director of SHANDESIGN studio since 2003. Designer of the year according to GQ. A member of the Academy of Russian television since 2004. Art director of “United Sesnses” since 2005. Producer of “Flight Nights Global” since 2010. Art director of “ТАНЦЫ” TV-project on TNT channel since 2014. Art director of “ПЕСНИ” TV-project (TNT) since 2017.


TMRD | The Modern Russian Design from Sergey Shanovich on Vimeo.

ВМЕСТЕ МЫ СИЛЬНЕЕ from Sergey Shanovich on Vimeo.

Кейс фильм "Матч" для Каннского фестиваля / Case film “Match” for Cannes Festival from Sergey Shanovich on Vimeo.

Dark_Shan from Sergey Shanovich on Vimeo.